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I am a growth strategist and I developed a growth system that can be applied to any industry, business, talent, or ability in order to build a high-growth brand.

I Focus on Three Areas:

Strategy- (within this discipline I focus on 21st-century tools and how to adapt your business model to changing times)

Disruption- (within this discipline I focus on processes, technology, digital, and pulling out your unique expertise)

Training- (within this discipline I focus on internal and external operations and processes that defeat and prevent innovation and shifting)

I have found these three areas to be the epicenter of what it takes to become a leader in the 21st century. My methodology is teaching companies how to disrupt their existing models and their industries, as well as providing the corporate training and strategy necessary to do so at every level of the company.  I take a holistic approach to 21st century success, as this is what companies must do in order to become 21st century leaders.  I look at everything from processes to the customer experiences.  

What I am best at is finding the gaps within an industry that are not actively being filled and helping companies to experience rapid growth, while increasing customer engagement exponentially. 

My expertise and experience spans over 15 years, I have had the pleasure to work with entities such as NASA, Disney, Girl Scouts, Go Topeka Economic Development, Huff Post Live, Google, and more.  Contact me today to find out how I can help your company move forward into the 21st century successfully!


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