Portfolio and Projects

StylerChick.com and PitchSavvy.com exclusive content Kia directed and created concepts for to help brands and individuals market themselves via her platforms.

Native Advertising/Social Selling Campaigns

Kia created campaigns and strategies for a variety of individuals and companies to create viral content and to spread brand awareness.

LawnEQ.com (Division of Bahrns)

Kia helped Bahrns to stand out among their competitors by revamping their Youtube channel, and properly branding it to increase subscribers to their channel, views, and grow brand awareness for their B2C brand, LawnEQ.  

This brand focuses on helping homeowners to repair their equipment at home so Kia created an RIY (Repair It Yourself) campaign, to set them apart from their competitors.  As a result, their views on Youtube significantly increased, and they gained 69 new Youtube subscribers in 90 days.  

The campaign was also paired with a email campaign she created giving homeowners appropriate tips for the season to draw even more attention to the Youtube channel.  Kia also helped the company to get set up as Youtube partners so they could begin getting paid for their content.  This strategy also helped to increase their customer base around the country and world for repairs and lawn mower parts.

Honest Company

The Honest Company took notice of Kia because of her video reviews for their products and the many new customers and leads that her videos were bringing their way.  As a result, she is now an Honest Company Ambassador.  Below you can see the results of her efforts.

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NASA Social:

I am 1 of 100 people chosen to become a #NASASocial Influencer.  As a NASA Social Influencer I gain behind-the-scenes access to major missions to help NASA engage the public, as well as demographics they are not necessarily having an easy time reaching.  My first NASA Social event (#NASAMarsDay/Journey to Mars) was August 17-18, 2016 at Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, and Stennis Space Center in Bay St. Louis, MS.  

I went behind-the-scenes to see what all the mission to Mars entails, as well as seeing the many processes in action that it takes to prepare for the Mars Mission.  This included an up close and personal look at the SLS shuttle and Orion, the shuttles that will be used to transport the crew and much more.  I will be posting more content from this mission very soon, follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at kiamcclainbiz for more!

My second NASA Social will be November 3-4, 2016 (Launch re-scheduled for mid-November due to hurricane) at Kennedy Space Center.  I will be going behind-the-scenes for the launch of the GOES-R Weather Satellite, and will be up close and personal to watch my first launch.  As a NASA Social alumni, I will continue to attend NASA Social Events as often as I would like to attend.  Not only do I get the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes at NASA Social events, I am also able to network too.

Remember Rosa Project

The Remember Rosa Project aims to provide Topekans with the opportunity to engage with each other, fostering mutual understanding, racial healing, and reconciliation that we hope will spark a positive and productive conversation about race across the nation.

Kia created the Remember Rosa platform and Carol Bradbury of Bloomerang Studios, created the graphic design for the platform.  Kia also performs the digital marketing needed for the project.  Kia's efforts resulted in people across the country hearing about the project, not only that, but press and media from outside of Topeka covered the project as well.

Styler Chick Magazine

Styler Chick Magazine is a native advertising/social selling platform that I created to look and feel like a magazine, this platform is the first upgrade of the native platform strategy I created for Stylish Eve Magazine.  With my own platform, access to all analytics,  and complete creative control I can show how my strategy to produce keyword rich content has created a great organic following from Google, while also gaining a great following from social media as well.  

This platform not only resulted in a great number of sales for brands, it also drew influencers and brands to my trainings for influencer marketing and more.  My Twitter chat- #BloggersForBrands still draws a number of influential followers to my Twitter account though the chat has not been active for at least two years.  Below you can see a promo I created for the School of Rock in conjunction with my native platform.


I test and give feedback on IoT/AI prototypes that are being prepared to launch in the US and global market.  My feedback, usage issues, advice, and ideas for additional features are used to bring the products to market.  I continue to consult with the makers through each version and iteration of new software until the product is officially released to the public.  

Once the final version is released I am an evangelist for the product, using my influence to prompt others to purchase the product.  I use a number of creative ideas to promote the products as well as strategically placing them in my everyday usage.  The exclusivity of the testing of the products are high, most of the products I test have a testing group of 2 to 20 people at the most.  

The majority of the products I test are IoT (Internet of Things) otherwise known as AI/Smart devices that connect to the Internet, and items created to make life easier in the 21st century.  Products I have tested include the first AI headphones in the world, an anti-theft bookbag made to store technology, and more!

Blogher/She Knows

Kia is a social media influencer at Blogher.com, meaning she works with a variety of brands, promoting them via her blog and social media channels.  Kia can promote anything from a product to an overall brand.