Kia McClain

Hey there, I’m Kia McClain. I am an award-winning growth entrepreneur who relocated to KC.


Kia McClain is an award-winning entrepreneur and multi-talented growth marketer.  Her story began on MySpace where she was a rapidly rising spoken word artist on the site due to her growth strategy.  Kia left MySpace for a more growth friendly website,  On Imeem she gained the top ten most popular profile on the site, earning her an official profile and the attention of the major music industry. 

Kia continued to develop her growth strategies which led to her creating one of the top twenty fastest growing brand on Facebook (as noted by Business Insider) which led to her first exit and the start of her relationship with Google as a contractor.

Capitalizing on the learning resources and opportunities Kia gained from Google she went on to become a corporate trainer and growth marketing consultant, using her expertise to help build brands such as Plated, LawnEQ, her award-winning agency, Shenomenon, The Laya Center, NASA, Google, and more.  Kia has led a multi-faceted career that has set her apart from the crowd as an expert strategist and an endless supply of priceless relationships across a number of industries.


Growing a brand in the 21st-century is easier than ever, a growing knowledge of 21st-century tools is where the difficulty lies.

- kia mcclain