The 2-Hour Entrepreneur Series (Full Year)

The 2-Hour Entrepreneur Series (Full Year)

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The 2-Hour Entrepreneur is a workshop that will teach you how to make your 9 to 5 job work for you while you transition into full-time entrepreneurship.  This workshop will help you to implement budgeting, pricing, growth strategies, and more. 

The 2-Hr Entrepreneur methodology embodies how she was able to use the income from her job to leverage her talent and accomplishments as well as strengthen her skills as an entrepreneur.  This workshop is full of actionable strategy that focuses on one year of creating the building blocks for the organic growth of your brand and the financial freedom that you desire.  We will take a holistic approach to growing both your personal and business brand.

This option pays for the FULL YEAR of workshop curriculum and activities.  Receive a $500 discount for paying for your full year upfront.  We suggest that you have at least $1500 available to use throughout the year for services you will need as well as ad spend.  

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