Using Google Local, Google+, and Helpouts to Give Your Brand a Rockstar Presence

Are you a business owner with a physical location?  Are you using Google My Business?  Google My Business is a tool that integrates what was formerly known as G+ Business Pages and Google Places.  If you are a Helpouts provider but are not using Google My Business you are missing out big time!

This tool integrates your Google+ Brand Page, your Google Local page (how you are found on maps), and so much more.  If you have a presence on Google My Business, I highly suggest creating a brand page for your Helpouts whether you have a physical location or not.  Create events focused around your Google Helpouts and make sure you create them from your brand page as well.  Use your brand page to give tips and advice that link back to your Helpouts listing. Include links to your Helpout listings on your business pages too.  

Additional Tips:

You can additionally follow up by making a Twitter and Facebook account for your Helpouts, then use a service like HootSuite to post daily to your pages.  Integrate blog posts about your Helpouts too.  You want people to find out you have a Helpout to offer in as many places as you possibly can.  Stay tuned for more advice about how to make the most of your Helpouts.  

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