How to Turn a Google Helpouts Customer into a Client

There are several Google Helpout Providers who just are not salespeople, nor have they had sales training.  Are you ready for a small crash course about how to make the sale, how to upsell, and create sales aids?  Coming from a Corporate America background partially in sales at, JP Morgan Chase, and USAA I have quite a bit of insight to share. Before I decided to become a full time entrepreneur, I was on track to become a manager, while helping to train people on both the sales and customer service floor at Chase.  I am going to put that knowledge into practical use on Helpouts by sharing three important tips.

I think it is important that no matter what you are doing online, that you know the basics of sales.  Now I am sure you have heard terms such as funnels- sounds complicated right?  The fact is, what was done in sales before online sales existed still rings true in the age of technology.  Don't let all the hype for lack of a better word throw you off track.  So here is a quick crash course for those of you who are simply sharing your talent on Helpouts, but do not necessarily have a background in sales.

1. Make the Sale

The first thing you want to do is find a target audience, or create a niche.  For example, specifically call out the customer you want to attract.  If you are teaching people how to use Facebook to grow their business, narrow down your listing to a specific audience.  Example, "How to Create a Loyal Following on Facebook for Bloggers".   Picking a niche will stop you from doing "Hail Mary" marketing, (just throwing stuff out and then seeing where it lands).  

This also helps people find your listing on Google when you are specific about helping one type of audience.  Create a SEO optimized title for your Helpout like the one I created above.  The more generic you are when creating your title the better chances you have at ranking for those keywords on Google.  Putting your business name in the title of your listing is a bad idea unless you are a well known company people are already searching for.  

Create a winning listing, it is important your listing answers three questions, what your customer will receive, the value of what you have to offer with your service, and why your customer needs your service.  Always remember to include a call to action in your listing and give your customer a reason to take action.  Example, visit this link to download a free e-book about how to become a successful blogger using Facebook.  Click this link to fill out a form letting me know exactly what needs you have so that I can better prepare for our Helpout.  By getting your prospect to take action as they read your listing (psychology of sales) you are putting them into a "yes" mode.  Once they download e-book, or fill out form, direct them back to your listing to schedule a Helpout.  

Be sure to create a sense of urgency, i.e. first Helpout free is only available on Fridays for customers who want to try before they buy.  You will receive only 15 minutes free, etc.  Give your prospect the reason why they need to take advantage of your listing RIGHT NOW!   This leads to point number two.  

2. The Upsell

While creating the sense of urgency, this is a great time to focus on adding additional value. Hint at the fact that you have other services, or offers that people can receive at an additional discount for booking a Helpout with you TODAY.  It is important to word your listing as if you just wrote it today, and give the feeling this deal is only available today, or on certain days.  Use this tactic to spruce up old listings every once in awhile to give them new life.  Run specials, sales, and more with your listings.  

Keep your listings fresh.  When you are wrapping up your Helpout, identify opportunities as your customer is talking to you by asking probing questions throughout your Helpout. Example, who is currently managing your social media, etc.  Once you have impressed your clients socks off with your knowledge, let them know to add extra value to your Helpout, you can help them with their social media by offering services at a discounted rate as a thank you for choosing your Helpout.  This brings me to my next point, using sales aids.

3. Create Sales Aids

It can be very difficult to remember everything you should do during your Helpout, especially if you have other team members giving a Helpout with you.  This is where having Sales Aids can be very helpful.  Create a generalized script about how you want to address your customer, questions you want to ask, and create a place to jot down the answers that they give you.  

Bringing this call center dynamic to your Helpout will not only make your Helpout flow smoothly, it will help you take advantage of the clock in a relatively short time, and jam pack your Helpout with helpful and actionable advice so your customers walk away with a completely WOWED expression.  Offer to follow up and help your customers to implement the advice given during your Helpout.  Give them the expectation that a follow up call, email, or social media buzz is coming.  

These are a few basic tips to get the sales aspect of your Helpouts going strong!  I would highly suggest taking time to learn the process of making sales, creating your sales aids, and practicing before you do your first Helpout.  If you are already giving Helpouts without much success, now is the time to turn things around by implementing these sales tips!  Let me know how my tips work for you.

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