Hidden Treasures: The Advice You Never Thought About Giving on Google Helpouts

As a business owner in the 21st century, customer service extends beyond the standard on the spot service; now customers expect you to be interactive, reachable, and social.  As a corporate trainer, I have helped many businesses before the era of Google Hangouts to use Skype as a means of customer service via video calls.  These "service calls" consisted of helping customers to assemble parts, troubleshoot problems the customers were having with screen shares, and much more.  

If you are a service oriented provider, you have a huge opportunity with Helpouts to extend your customer service department to face to face help.  Instead of spending thousands of dollars on trade shows, you can create virtual events as Helpouts gives you the opportunity to surpass the restrictions of services such as Skype.  Recently at Google I/O it was unveiled that you can broadcast any app to a Google Chromecast device from your mobile device. This is HUGE news, especially for speakers or trainers.  Imagine doing your Helpout from a projector on a big screen, or simply doing a company training with multiple departments via a wide screen TV set.  If you are an educator, imagine how this tool could be used in the classroom via the Smart Board.  

While this may seem like a daunting task, especially for a customer service department, Chromebooks are a very affordable alternative to set up your "Helpout Center" within your call center to service people who are more likely to use technology.  Because the Helpouts app is available, a customer can call for help from anywhere at anytime.  If you are a medical provider using Helpouts, imagine if you had a "Helpout Nurseline" in which for a small fee your nurses could physically SEE what is going on with certain patients, especially those who have breathing problems like my son.  I cannot count how many times I called the nurse line for my son and was asked to put the phone by his mouth so they could hear his breathing. Being able to see him retracting, etc would give them a better idea of how he was doing.  

These are just a few ideas about how Helpouts could change the way business is done in the future.  I hope thinking about the things I have said today has your think caps turning. Helpouts can be a huge benefit to your customer base no matter what industry you are in. Don't think so much about what you can provide, and more about what your customers would most appreciate.  Think about those times when you have heard a customer, or prospect say wow, I wish I could see how that works.  

Helpouts would be HUGE for product demonstrations and so much more.  Allow creative thinking to lead the way.  Just because "no one has done that before" doesn't mean that YOU cannot be the innovator in your field!

Kia McClainComment