What is Microblogging; and How Can it Make Your Blog Better?

As mobile phones and computers, continue to decrease in size, long blog posts are becoming less attractive to mobile phone, and device users.  SEO suggestions are beginning to look a lot more like, "Get straight to the point", while sites like Distractify, Buzzfeed, and Upworthy are becoming the popular "go to" choice of reading entertainment for mobile users.  

Microblogging is re-emerging with new life as it is being combined with video, links to longer news articles and blogs, and viral sharing tools that are sure to light a fire under great content.   There are three great ways that the re-birth of microblogging can help jump start your business.

1. Attract mobile phone and device users to your site with interesting, entertaining, or informative content that is easy to read and share.  You will want to either create this content yourself, or hire powerful writers that can write attention-grabbing titles, that are search engine friendly.  

2. Sites such as RebelMouse.com are an excellent resources to use for starting your microblog, and implementing viral tools that are easy to use for your readers.  Use this service for the landing page of your blog, and allow users to click on stories, videos, and photos, that link back to your blog.  

3. Promote, promote, promote.  You want your microblog to be your main traffic source. The fact that people can quickly and easily look at numerous stories at one time will keep them on your site longer, and give them more options to share via social media.  Ultimately, you want your microblog to convince readers that they want to check out the whole story, whether they do it later from their desktop, or laptop, after sharing your story, or they decide to dissect your article piece-by-piece via mobile.

These are a few simple ways to get you on the road to microblogging success.