Low Income Writers Can Receive Free Homes in Detroit for Writing

The organization, Write a House has found a way to fix the problem of abandoned homes in Detroit; bringing a literary arts renaissance to the city.  Low-income writers who are willing to move to Detroit, can apply to compete for a free home in exchange for staying in the city and continuing to write as part of a writing competition.  Write a House has collaborated with local Detroit organizations to purchase and refurbish abandoned homes in order to rebuild neighborhoods.  Youth Detroit Builders is one of those programs, which teaches Detroit youth carpentry skills as they rebuild neighborhoods. 

The editorial director of the real estate site Curbed, and one of the founders of Write a House, Sarah Cox, left NYC to live in Detroit in order to write the Detroit blog for the site.  Amazed by the history and culture of the city, she thinks that other writers would be willing to follow her example.  The plans to rebuild the first home for a writer via an IndieGogo campaign are already underway as the organization has the goal of raising $25,000 for the repairs.  The organization has already purchased three homes with the intention of giving them away to a writer.

Source: Write a House

The winner from each competition leases their home from the organization for two years to cover taxes and insurance.  The leasing payment is a nominal amount; once the winner has completed a two-year stay in the home, the writer will receive the deed.  This simple, yet creative idea to revitalize Detroit is one of the most intuitive ideas yet.  This story is just one more reason to believe Detroit is not finished-just yet.