I am focused on using all of my talent, experience, resources, and relationships to help people create better lives through my partnership and collaboration with holistic living brands and my expertise in technology. I love growth hacking, strategy, disruption, and training. I have an equal love for health, wellness, and holistic living. I have been able to form a perfect mixture of the two in my partnership with The Laya Center. I believe the world is shifting from a mindset of competition to one of collaboration. I look forward to leading the way into the 21st-century with a working model of how collaboration improves our lives when used effectively. 

I also love fashion, style, and dressing up myself and other people!



Joe Mays — NFL Veteran and Co-Owner of The Laya Center

Toyia Mays — Herbalist, Interior Designer, Co-Owner of The Laya Center

Leah Merriweather — Entrepreneur, Owner at Vibrate Higher, Partner at The Laya Center



My journey as a growth hacker started in my early 20's as a music artist. I started with MySpace, but decided it was too slow, so I looked for a better site and came across Imeem.com. It was the fastest growing music site at the moment with more than 40 million users. At Imeem.com I was able to achieve a following of more than 80,000 fans and gain millions of views/plays to my music. I had a top ten profile on the website. 

Within a couple of years, MySpace brought Imeem and shut it down in a desperate effort to get people to return to MySpace, forwarding the URL to the site. As we all know that did not work. This moment challenged me to learn all that I could about the Internet and how to make it work for me rather than relying on social media sites. 

That journey led to my brand being featured on Business Insider (gaining my first exit in my late 20's), becoming one of the first Google Partners, (building an award-winning digital marketing company), becoming a NASA Social Media Influencer, becoming a business partner to an NFL player, starting my own space camp, and so much more